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Vendor Spotlight: Michelle Montgomery - MM Studios

Michelle Montgomery - Make Up Artist - MM Studios
Michelle Montgomery

Girls, girls, girls this is one you all need to read! One of the most amazing Irish makeup artists Michelle Montgomery is in the spotlight. Michelle specialises in bridal make-up and semi-permanent eyebrows. In 2017 Michelle founded MM Studios, a luxurious collaborative co-work space for some of Ireland’s top creative artists in the beauty industry. Not only are we huge admirers of her beautiful work, we have been so fortunate to have become friends with Michelle, as she herself is a Love Ellie Bride, who by the way looked incredible! Enjoy the read x

Do you have a certain style of make-up that you specialise in?

I specialise in bridal make-up, which honestly is very varied in terms of the bride and their own personal style. My favourite kind of make-up that I love to create would be a soft glam beauty look with gorgeous glowy skin, soft brows and hydrated lips. I love to enhance natural individual features and make the eyes pop using different colours and textures.

What does a wedding morning / day look like for you?

I usually arrive 15 minutes beforehand to set up, so that I’m ready for the first make-up. I will have already sent through a rough schedule to the bride so that they have an idea on timings, but I’m always flexible with the hairstylist on the morning so that everything runs smoothly.

I usually start with the bridesmaids or mother of the bride, leaving the bride to third or second last so that she has plenty of time to have her hair finished and can enjoy the morning leisurely. Once I have completed the make-up for the bridal party, I wait until everyone is dressed and then I’ll do final checks and lip touch ups again so everything is perfect. Every wedding morning is the same, but also completely different. I love the warmth in the atmosphere, the excitement and the style! I’m very blessed to share this special morning with so many amazing people.

We all want the perfect glow on our wedding day, have you any advice for our brides to start off their skin prep?

Oh definitely! Your make-up is only as good as the skin underneath so it’s important to look after your skin in the lead up! A good basic skin care routine is 80% of the outcome, so once you have your routine down you have the majority of the work done. I love the CeraVe products as they are amazing for all skin types and they don’t damage the skin’s natural barrier. Gently exfoliate once a week to remove any dead skin cells so your skin is radiant and fresh. Be careful if using strong products such as retinols if you haven’t used them before, as over use can leave your skin sensitive, red and flaky! Omega 3 fish oil supplements are amazing for your skin and also drinking plenty of water so your skin is hydrated, especially in the winter months when the central heating is at an all-time high!!

Are there any new bridal make-up trends you have come across recently?

I feel that bridal make-up is always very bespoke, based on each bride’s individual style and their needs for the day. However, I’m definitely noticing bridal make-up is much more paired back than recent years. Glowing skin is always high on the list of criteria, but definitely softer contour, a touch of blush, and lip tints rather than layers of products. Soft fluffy brows and different toned brown liners to bring out eye colours replacing heavy black liners and sculpted brows.

Many of our brides have a birthmark or tattoo in a certain place they don’t love. Can you suggest any body makeup that might be suitable?

Usually with a tattoo I’ll neutralise the dark parts with either a pink, peach or orange colour corrector depending on the skin tone. For a birthmark, I’ll neutralise with more of a green tone depending on the colour, LA Girl has a good range of colour correctors for this. Then I’ll add a good coverage body make-up such as Dermablend Leg & Body make-up to completely cover the tattoo and blend into the skin so it doesn’t look patchy. Finally, powdering the area so it looks seamless and doesn’t transfer.

How would you suggest our brides choose their make-up artist?

When you are looking for a make-up artist you need to make sure they have a few certain attributes: professional, experienced and a good fit for your wedding morning. If you are looking for a make-up artist online, Instagram is usually a good place to start so you can see lots of photos/videos of the artist’s previous bridal work. You want to make sure the make-up style of the artist you are choosing fits your own vibe. Check for reviews and recommendations from friends and family members so you know the artist is not only able to create beautiful make-up, but that they are also reliable and a good addition to your wedding morning.

You looked incredible on your wedding day; is there any magic formula, can you can tell us?

Aw thank you so much ❤️ What I would do to relive the day (and the lead up) all over again! I think most importantly, don’t lose sight of what you are doing! It’s so easy to get swept up in the details but you are hopefully marrying the love of your life and sharing the day with your nearest and dearest! Just relax and soak up all the love ❤️

How can our brides contact you?

If you are looking for a quote for bridal make-up, I have a bridal enquiry form on my website:

To make a booking for semi-permanent brows my diary is available online also on the website.

If it’s just a query, you can email me directly 💛


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