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Vendor Spotlight: Lou Merryweather Hair

Silky smooth, devastatingly bouncy, and super soft hair, that's what we all want on our big day. This week we got the opportunity to quiz the amazingly talented Lou Merryweather. Lou is a freelance bridal and commercial hairstylist who absolutely loves her job. She tells us more about her business and so many great tips for all our lovely brides. Enjoy the read gals!

Lou how did you start out in business?

I started doing weddings in 2017 and really never thought it would become a full time thing but it steadily grew year on year. It’s addictive.. being part of such a huge milestone in someone’s life and helping them to feel their best on their big day is such a lovely feeling. I also love the supplier community, we’re all very close and supportive of each other.

What does a wedding morning / day look like for you?

It usually starts quite early. Some mornings my alarm goes off at 4.30am. I like to give myself more time than I need with each person especially the bride. I start with the bride, then bridesmaids and then mums. Then I get the bride back to finish and perfect her hair. I always give time at the end for final checks when everyone is dressed as they can sometimes disturb the hair. It’s also a perfect time to get some videos and pics. Usually myself and the MUA are last to leave so are there until they walk out the door. Then its home for a cuppa and maybe a nap!!

We all want perfect hair on our wedding day; have you any advice for our brides starting their hair prep journey?

This can be overwhelming for some people because there are so many products out there, but you don’t need them all.

If your hair is limp or thinning then take a decent hair supplement such as 'Annutri Grow It' and consider using clip in hair extensions. I highly recommend Belle Hair. I’ve been using them for a couple of years now, the quality and colour range is amazing.

If your hair is damaged from bleach or heat then Olaplex No 3 and K18 hair mask are so good for repairing that damage.

If you have lots of hair and it’s all one length then please get some long layers cut into it. It just looks better and is easier to style. Longer hair isn’t always better simply because the weight of it can make it difficult to hold a style. Your stylist will discuss this with you at your trial.

Are there any new bridal hair trends you have come across recently?

Yes, I feel this year we are moving more towards simple polished yet effortless hairstyles. Big bouncy brushed out curls are so popular because of the 90s revival on social media. We are moving away from boho plaited styles and are definitely going more polished glamour and I love it!

What about hair extensions? Tell us more...

I love clip in hair extensions!! Most of my brides that you see on my social media have them. They’re mainly used for volume and hold. As I said above I use Belle Hair Extensions, a wonderful Irish brand based in Galway. I cut them either at the trial or on the wedding morning.

What should a bride bring to you on her trial day?

They should bring along their jewellery or hair accessories if they have them. No need to bring the veil. I always suggest wearing some makeup too and a white top. Inspo photos are great - its best to search for photos in your own hair colour and length.

How would you suggest our brides choose their hair stylist? And when should they book?

Recommendations are always the best for finding people. Make a list and then look at their social media. Does their work reflect what you want for your day? If you don’t see anything that you like then move on to the next person on your list. As soon as their date is confirmed with the venue, they should start the search for their suppliers. I open my diary in January for the following year. Dates can fill up quite quickly so if you have a particular supplier in mind then reach out to them as soon as you know your date and venue. Also look at hair and makeup people that work together..... it’s always better craic!

How can our brides contact you?

They can email me at If I’m not available I have a big list of other amazing hair stylists that I can send to them.

Check out Lou's Instagram page to see how talented this lady is @loumerryweatherhair


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