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Here at Love Ellie Bridal Boutique in Virginia, Cavan.... we stock a large selection of beautiful bridal accessories. From Sassi Holford's Couture veils to Ivory and Co. headpieces, stunning tiaras, beautiful hair combs and dazzling jewellery......

we have it all!

The Couture Veil by Sassi Holford

Sassi Holford's Couture Veil collection is truly inspirational and offers an elegant choice of tiers, trims and tulles.

bridal accessories ireland
bridal accessories

These veils are handmade in Sassi's own workrooms, giving brides the opportunity to design their own bespoke veil if desired.


From soft vintage tulle to delicate lace and floral appliqué, this luxury collection is for the chic, contemporary bride.

Ivory and Co.

Delicate headpieces, stunning tiaras, beautiful hair combs and dazzling jewellery from Ivory and Co. are all made with the finest materials and quality craftsmanship.

bridal headpieces ireland
bridal tiara

These pieces are plated in real silver, rhodium (for a darker antique finish) or 14K gold which means these luxurious accessories will never tarnish.


Whether it is a sparkling array of crystals, a bohemian floral design or a 1920's vintage inspired piece...... there is something to suit every bride.

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